Dating after breast cancer young women

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Dating after breast cancer young women

As a person living with stage IV, or metastatic, breast cancer, you may have unique concerns about planning for treatment, coping with your diagnosis and managing your finances.

Here, you will find tailored information and resources to help you face your diagnosis, understand the treatment options, manage symptoms and side effects, talk with your family and friends, and communicate with your employer.

Over the next year, the three kids and I sometimes took Lexi to see her mom at chemotherapy or to get groceries.

We'd bring Alexis medicine and we'd talk about her dreams for the future.

All of our family, but especially Steve and I, just have this immense love for her.

Despite being given a less than 1 per cent chance of falling pregnant naturally and a less than 5 per cent chance using IVF, she then fell pregnant — naturally.

Eight months after giving birth to her daughter Milla, now 22 months, she fell pregnant again with daughter Piper, now four months."I went to my mum's wedding and fell pregnant naturally, and then eight months later went to my sister's wedding, fell pregnant naturally with a second, so I've got two miracle babies," she said.

I just want to know that you're going to love her." My husband just melted right there; he would have done anything for her because she was so sick with no support.

During the next three weeks, I visited with Alexis and her baby at Children's Services a few times, and I saw that Alexis was all about fighting to live.

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That weekend we went to the Meijer megastore in Dayton where Alexis wanted to meet.