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That is, can someone be "too old" for gender-changing surgery? She was the first person in the country to have Medicaid pay for her surgery. Jennifer Levi, runs the Transgender Rights Project at GLAD and specializes in transgender legal issues.: Is there an age cutoff for surgery?

I am curious to hear from Bianca on how it is to be open about being trans publicly. I consider myself private about it and I worry about things like online privacy.

So, a person’s gender identity does not change and is not changeable.

What changes is the extent to which the person is loved and supported for who he or she is and, therefore, able to authentically express his or her true self.

My advice: listen to what your son is saying, look at the changes he is making--he is serious! If they change, change with him.: As a Boston-area clinical social worker who works with families with gender non-conforming children, I can say that it is normal to struggle with a family member's transition.

One can experience feelings of grief over the loss of the girl or boy they thought they knew.

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