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The level of heterogeneity reflects the social and economic differentiation of the time period.

The discussion will be limited to three artifact categories: ceramics, glass, and structural materials.

It was produced at many places throughout the state and region and was often the object of cottage industry.

One important manufacturer was located in Galena, Illinois.

It is typically recovered in the form of small, thick chunks.

Ceramics can be classified along at least two dimensions: the nature of the paste or fabric-ware from which the object is fashioned and the type and style of surface treatment.

Architectural remains, such as mat imprints provide information about the weaving/textile technologies of a people, and roof beams such as those used in Puebloan masonry structures, can be dated using dendrochronology.

Common types of ecofacts are listed below, with short descriptions of their uses in archeology: Features are non-portable constructions that reflect human activity.

The time frame is generally from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the First World War (1920).

Many crafts underwent industrialization and technological change during this period.

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Surface treatments vary in relation to a wide variety of factors including: availability of base material, technology, artistic skill, and artistic expression.

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