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Axe Body Spray,, and Guthy-Renker are among the companies that have hired her for spokesperson jobs.She also speaks on college campuses to revolutionize how students think about drinking.

God knows we could all use a little bit more advice when it comes to sex and dating.

Based on her own experiences with addiction and recovery, her first novel author Jerry Stahl, while Dr.

Drew Pinsky decreed it "the most accurate portrayal of the experience of addiction and nuances of recovery I've come across." The book has been translated into Russian and Italian and Sony Television has purchased the film rights.

No sex or a decreased sex life is probably one of the foremost indicators of a breakup on the horizon.

While at times a decreased sex life can just be part of life with other things getting in your way like work, if everything else is otherwise seemingly normal, you should be having sex. Lack of Effort You used to do tons of things together; she would even accompany you to your ridiculous greyhound racing games even though she seemed horrified and embarrassed to be with you.

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The writing is at once laugh-out-loud hysterical and Capote elegant . Once emblematic for feminine machismo and independence, the party girl of today is in fact a human being with an illness.