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well i first started dressing as a girl when i told my first boyfriend i liked crossdressing , well on hearing this he got me to dress up and made me go out to the shops in my wig dress and heels ,which was such a turn on .

after that he made me go to clubs dressed in my full...

"Pushing Boundaries", I posted part one some time ago and the rest of the story took longer to write than I expected.

It also went in a different direction than I thought, becoming more introspective.

I grew up with just my mum and my older sister, Amy. I had been out drinking at lunchtime in an area of town I didn't really know. We were ok, but were arguing and as she was great friends with my auntie it was felt that we all needed... As they pushed me up the stairs I looked into my room. Let me start by saying that I love my husband , and that I became his strap-on mistress after he was caught online by my friend viewing domination **** with her husband.

mall for shopping,i had on panties n bra,well we first go to lingerie store picks a few things then tells me to go try them on she had me leave the hot pink set on and ask the clerk if you can wear them out before u put your clothes back on,embarrassed i ask yes u can and its... I had just gotten back from school when I remembered no one would be a home until late a night. true story of forced feminization that is verifiable and proven to be absolutely true. We got along great both ladies were attractive Debi was only about 5... In the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, my wife expressed that she wanted a special day. I love my husband dearly but our sex life was never that great due to his really small penis which would slip out constantly whenever we tried to have sex. I don't know whether the author was relating an actual experience or fiction, but I was aroused by the notion. Hi my name is Ranya and I have been married to Bill for 15 years now.I started liking the stories ever since a girl in my high school starting teasing me a lot about being a girl. I began looking into it and reading stories and whatnot and realized I immensely enjoyed the idea.She would say like "you would make a pretty bride... I tend to like the more BDSM-oriented aspect and the...

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garter belts hose and shoes when l was 10father was deceased and my mother sister was 15 andshe'd dress me up and make do all the housework while dressed in the above.